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August 2022: DIBE: working. With Danida to implement value-based insulation in Tanzania.

February 2022: Installation of process piping at the power plant Iberafrica in Nairobi to reduce operating costs on the primary side of energy production.

January 2021: NCF: working with Nordic Climate Foundation on: se mål fra hjemmesiden……

December 2020: AAU: working with the University of Aalborg's energy department on verifying energy loss in pipe supports.

December 2019: PIVØ: working with European Union and Access2Innovation with a focus on optimizing joint systems for eastern African process industries.

Welcome to ea energy

ea energy is a Danish company based in Aalborg, which sells pre-insulated solar thermal pipes for mid-size and large-scale ST installations. ea energy has many years of experience within perinsulation of pipes for various purposes.

At ea energy we are proud to represent the world-leading pre-insulated piping company LOGSTOR, who also is active within district energy, industrial applications Oil & Gas and district cooling.

At ea energy we not only sell the optimized pipe solution to customers around the world, we also secure you the best installation and after sales through co-operation between you and us!

Welcome to ea energy.